Innovative STI Policy and Management Toward Creating Sustainable Economic Development

Innovative Activities for Creating Sustainable Economic Development

  • Industry 4.0 at firm and industrial practices
  • The impact of industry 4.0 on future business, industry, and economy
  • Creative industry and digital business in service sectors and SMEs
  • From start-up to global business
  • Innovation and commercialization in SME’s
  • Smart technology challenges for sustainable economic development
  • Creative enterprises, entrepreneurship and innovation capacity
  • Grass root & social innovation and inclusive economic development

Technology and R & D Management

  • Roles of intellectual properties to promote innovation
  • Financing of innovative activities and innovative financing for R&D
  • Collaborative R&D between public sector and industry
  • Private, public, people partnership to promote innovation
  • Science-based industrial innovation at firm level
  • Role of leadership and gobal innovation Networks
  • Innovation in construction firm to catch up infrastructure
  • Technological learning, innovation and catching-up in the context of international collaborations
  • Managing intellectual capital in design and engineering firms
  • Managing human capital in the era industry 4.0
  • Managing innovation without R&D in manufacturing industry
  • Managing innovation in disruptive era
  • Managing innovation (putting science into practices, bridging science and policy)
  • Industrial ecosystem for new product development (i.e. halal products)

STI Policy

  • National, sectoral, and regional innovation system
  • Building conducive innovation ecosystem
  • Political, economic and sociocultural studies of innovation
  • Public, education, science, technology & R&D policies
  • Data science and decision making in STI policy
  • STI Policy and national economic development
  • Performance indicators and STI governance
  • Intellectual capital formation and economic development
  • Incentive system to promote innovation
  • Innovation policy and green technology Development

Submission & Publication Guidelines

  • Submitted papers must NOT have been previously presented, scheduled for presentation, published, or accepted for publication. If a paper is under review, it must NOT appear in print before the ASIALICS 2020 Conference
  • NO changes in the paper title, abstract, authorship, and actual paper can occur AFTER the submission deadline.
  • Full paper should be no more than 5000-7000 words including all tables, figures, references, and appendices and should follow the conference author guidelines. (link author guidelines) here
  • Full paper must be submitted in word document file (.doc) to here before April 30th, 2020.
  • The best papers will be published in the Asian Journal Of Technology and Innovation (AJTI, Scopus indexed journal) or Science Technology and Innovation Policy & Management (STIPM, DOAJ indexed journal).
  • Accepted papers must be presented in the conference and will be automatically published in the ASIALICS 2020 Proceedings by Knowledge E (KnE) publisher within global-indexes (Google Scholar-Microsoft Academic, Repository of Open Access Resources (ROAD) and EBSCO) or within Scopus and Web Science indexes upon fulfilling requirements.

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